Thursday, March 26, 2009

Border Problems? Global Warming Will Help

Global Warming lends a hand to cultural-political issues between Italy and Switzerland. Consider this:

"Global warming is dissolving the Alpine glaciers so rapidly that Italy and Switzerland have decided they must re-draw their national borders to take account of the new realities.

The border has been fixed since 1861, when Italy became a unified state. But for the past century the surface area of the “cryosphere”, the zone of glaciers, permanent snow cover and permafrost, has been shrinking steadily, with dramatic acceleration in the past five years. This is the area over which the national frontier passes and the two countries have now agreed to have their experts sit down together and hash out where it ought to run now. "
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Anonymous said...

I knew it. Global Warming can teach us a thing or two about intercultural exchange.

Sra said...

I wish a little of that global warming would reach my part of the globe. What is with this 29 degrees and snowy weather in Utah at the end of March (you know, the part of March that is supposed to be "like a lamb")? Especially when it was 71 and sunny last Saturday!

Anonymous said...

It is really disturbing to see such insane weather patterns all around. This is quite a story, though.

Unknown said...


edie said...

If people can't reach a consensus, leave it up to global warming to help. Ha!