Thursday, February 12, 2009

Uta Dirks: German Businesswoman Par Excellence

This is Uta Dirks

She is the owner and operator of this:

Here is Uta's podcast.

Her official Germany-based site is here.

Uta Dirks is a linguist par excellence.
She writes brilliantly.
She takes beautiful photographs.
She gives the words reason and balance a new, graspable meaning.
She is one of the sharpest individuals I know whose professional and personal opinion I trust completely.
She is the best travel buddy anyone could ever have especially if one is a picky, boundary-conscious individual who also likes to experience it all at the same time.
She understands the culture of language better than anyone I know and, as a result, perfectly gets what human civility and boundaries entail.
Uta can do any culture because she can decode with ease the precepts of Culture. She gets the deep structure of Language, ergo the surface structure is a given. Some people manage to do that naturally and no amount of education and/or artificially acquired linguistic experience can quite procure that for one. Uta happens to have both: great linguistic instinct and first-rate training.

The reason why I’m blogging about Uta is not to share my bragging rights for a friend I love dearly who makes me proud on a quotidian basis. The reason I do so is to proudly make you all aware of what she has accomplished in Kiel, Germany and how much she will now be accomplishing world-wide thanks to a cyber expansion of her language business.

And, folks, nobody gets the language business the way she does. Language is her business.

So, if you have any German-related questions at all, might I strongly recommend that you reach Uta Dirks first. You will not only get quality and speed, you will get a kind of linguistic experience the German romantics of the likes of Schlegel wrote about: a conglomeration of language, the arts, elegance of presentation, precision of expression, and culture.

The motto of Uta’s business is: LIV: Language, Interaction, Vision.
That is the motto of Uta’s life, too.
And what a brilliant life LIV-er she is!

Proudly and happily I sign off.

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Anonymous said...

"what a brilliant life LIV-er she is!"

Ha. Good one.
She looks like a heck of an educator. Will check it out.

Anonymous said...

Bri's stamp of approval, ja?
How does one get granted access to the fold? :)
Let's see, so you've got to be an artist, have an album out, have a business by 30, and publish books, right?
Oh, and be well-traveled, belesen, and not get lost in the Tower of Babel.
That about right?
He-he-he. You must be laughing by now!
Her podcast sounds cool. She sounds like the kind of person who'd be the right lang. pedagogue.
thx for this.

Sra said...

I remember Uta. I believe it was my GERM-2020 class that she taught. We read Der Vorleser, which I enjoyed, and which I guess has now been made into an American movie? And she taught me how to pronounce "Taille". Must be a foreign borrowing, cause I never would have come up with that one using my understanding of German phonology.

I'll check out her podcast once I'm at a computer that's hooked up to speakers.

Anonymous said...

You've got to admit, it's pretty funny..."Let's see, so you've got to be an artist, have an album out, have a business by 30, and publish books, right?"

Anonymous said...

A beautiful piece.
That's what I really respect about those who surround themselves with the best versions of people out there. It's all about the creative class and we cannot create unless we live around those who feed our creativity.

I will be checking her out.

Anonymous said...

Super. German needs? Uta.
Can I just say that I like reading about special professionals you approve of as people, too. I really like these pieces.

B.R. said...

Ha! Yes, JJ! I did laugh. And yes, all of the specifications you mention do apply. :)

A wise woman tells me, 'tell me who your friends are, and I'll tell you who you are.'

Check Uta out, for sure!
I couldn't endorse a language professional more. Any time and for anything German-related in the realm of pedagogy, interpretation, and consulting.

B.R. said...

And, Sra, I'm happy to hear you experienced language with Uta. Very happy to hear that. You had the best!

Anonymous said...

Sieht aus, wie eine gute Qeuelle. Danke Dir!

Anonymous said...

You guys saw She Wants Revenge in concert together a while back, right? Liam's band at the time,The Heaters, opened for them. And you had Uta as a passenger on your Metro Honda scooter, Denim.
Uncanny, how some images are just tattooed in the mind. :)

good piece.