Thursday, February 5, 2009

The Maled Femme Outfit

I approve of this.
Colloquially, I'd be heard using language like, 'yes, that is so 2009.' I have noticed that androgyny in clothing is becoming more and more visible.
And winter is the best season to allow it to shine.
There's something interesting happening with the androgynous preppie look. It oozes a kind of urban compromise that I find not only aesthetically appealing but also functional.
I give the following an a-ok.
How would you read it?

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graph per sartorialist


Tina said...

This is modern yet evocative of a prep-a-la-50's. Good collage.
I see the appeal....

JJ said...

It looks a bit masculine but it's softened by the body of the wearer. Matchstick pants only look good on skinny folk. Which is also sth that made me think of emo boys who wear skinny, 'girl' jeans.

Becca said...

Very urban/busy academia. Very cool!

Sra said...

I don't dig the fact that you can see her socks a la Michael Jackson, but besides that I like the look. Still, I think it's something that works better in photographic settings like this one. A lot of people would have a hard time pulling it off in real life.

Anonymous said...

Agreed with JJ. A certain kind of body would pull this off. This kind of presentation makes sense on thin people. I like it. It's def. urban prep.

dave said...

I've always held that androgyny in clothing adds a dose of confidence in one.

will said...

the right look for the quiet, textile-informed urban thinker.
i dig.

Anonymous said...


j. said...

hm, this makes me think of someone.... ;)

Candace said...

I like, sock and all.
Might I ask why you privilege this form of androgyny?

B.R. said...

Thank you, all.
The reason why this 'text' is sold on me is because it spells "'private' while out in public."
I mostly approve of this look because of the text it stands for which, to me, says: comfort and familiarity with the urban.
There is a def. a kind aesthetics to this that would be mostly appropriate only on certain subjects, however.