Sunday, January 11, 2009

Kaiser Chiefs and Current Favorite Playlists

I have gotten a lot of questions the past few weeks about the kinds of playlists I am using the most these days.

So, to answer your questions, this is what the playlists include currently. True to nature, I will be switching to other sounds soon, but for now, this is what they look like:

Work-out Playlist

1) My Friend Dario by Vitalic
2) Come Mona Lisa by Mango
3) Dreamworld by Rilo Kiley
4) Bawitdaba by Kid Rock
5) Busy by K's Choice
6) Destroy Everything
You Touch by Ladytron
7) Angel in Night by Basshunter
8) Gone, Gone, Gone by Robert Plant and Allison Krauss
9) Black Burning Heart by Keane
10) Depeche Mode Remix

Writing/Work Music

It's mostly the Kaiser Chiefs. Because they're great! I think of the Kaiser Chiefs as Oasis on vitamins and melatonin. Their sound is unequivocally indie while retaining a good measure of 'mellow' as well. If you have not checked out their 2008 album, Off With Their Heads, you are, indeed, missing out. It's one of the best albums of 2008. And I'm not just biased. I'm being as fair as my nature allows me to be. Beautiful sound. Wonderful depth!

Cycling Music

Mostly Radiohead.

However, I am shifting gears soon and I will most likely revisit Stereophonics for a couple of days. And Verdi's Requiem will be given some attention too. As will Debussy.
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Sean said...

Kaiser Chiefs.
I love th new album.
And the workout list makes full sense to me. Only, wait, slow Italian pop? What gives?

Mary said...

Bawitdaba is a Great song to work out to!
Lady Gaga?

Anonymous said...

Is Radiohead is a strong enough encourager?

Dieter said...

Vitalic is great for activity. This is not a yoga routine, I take it.

Brooke said...

I have wondered about The Kaiser Chiefs. You mentioned them while back when reviewing new albums but I don't have anything of theirs yet. I'll have to check them out now, won't I?

dana said...

I like Off With Their Heads. Just discovered it and have been playing it non-stop. The Chiefs are under appreciated, that's for sure.

B.R. said...

-Only a bit of the slow pop. I find it useful when I recoup from sprinting.
-Lady Gaga? Indeed. When I sprint.
-Radiohead, anonymous, is always an encourager in my book.
-Yes, the Kaiser Chiefs have not gotten as much attention but then very few truly good acts have. How can they when uber-processed pieces are claiming most of the charts, anyway. But the 2008 album, Off With Their..., is stupendous.

Sra said...

Radiohead is so dissonant and full of tension, especially in their later works, that you can't help but feel driven forward. I think.

I'll put Kaiser Chiefs down on my list.

Will said...

Ave, Kaiser Chiefs. They are great.
How did you refer to them today: Stereophonics on Prozac?

Becca said...

Which Depeche Mode remix?

Nicki said...

wait! 'yeah' on Lady Gaga?