Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Don't Switch and Run, B.R.!

The good half and I went to dinner to one of my favorite places in town.

I was expecting an important call and I excused myself to attend to it. I don't like to use the phone when I'm out, bonding. At least I try not to. But this was an exception. The waiter was already at our table and I did what, apparently, I tend to do quite often. I switched languages on my party.

I kindly asked the good half to order for me. Well, more importantly, what NOT to order. The good half says: "Ja, sicher....... [insert non-B.R.- decodable language here.] I didn't have time to produce my ubiquitous 'Eh?' since I had to speak on the phone.

So, I went out to finish my call.

I came back to see that my plate contained some concoction I hadn't intended to order. I then proceeded to produce my ubiquitous 'eh?' and then I added, 'Hmm. What was it you said to me when the waiter was about to take our order? What language was that, by the way?'

'Well, I said that I was annoyed that you hadn't turned the phone off and that I'd order the wrong thing for you. Just to make a point.' [Insert big smile.]

And I did what I have never done when I'm hungry and linguistically confused at the same time. I said, 'Point taken. Let's try the onions in this thing. Hmmm. Delicious.'

The item I specifically asked to be left out was, yes, onions. And, yes, I ate them.

Just to make a point, of course.

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Anonymous said...

Wait. You ate onions?!
That's a really good half, then.
Honestly, I don't know all the words either but somehow when you factor in the mannerisms, the hand gestures, the mouth movements, and the eyebrow thing, then you sort of, kind of get it. Every time.

Anonymous said...

Oh, no, the good half didn't!!
As you would you, in your context it makes full sense.
What language was it, anyway?
I thought the Tower of Babel was a no-issue for some people ;)

Anonymous said...

Something interesting is happening here linguistically and culturally. I know how you react to onions, so, tip of the hat to you and your docile reaction. ;)
But we would switch all the time back here and it felt safe being in a heterotopia of some sort.
I do think that the switching you speak of here is reminiscent of a Foucaultian heterotopia....
Am I too far off.....?

Anonymous said...

Ha! Classic!
I suppose the other half could have just said, 'yeah, sure' and still order the onions.
But then the linguistic point would not have been made.
Btw, i like using 'ubertrieben' now and I'm not a German connoisseur. Great word, though. thks.

Anonymous said...

this is deliciously funny.
makes perfect sense to me. this is after all a story worthy for someone who teaches her pals a common second language if they don't already share one.
smart, good one!

Anonymous said...

and, onions? HA!
that's how I know this is wicked funny!

Anonymous said...

Just enough sass to make it interesting. It's what it's about, right?
Btw, why not a fan of the onion?

B.R. said...

-I've always had an aversion to onion. I tend to like food that's not overwhelming me. I navigate towards simple concoctions, actually. Onion happens to bother me form- and content-wise.
-The language was Japanese.
-Right, a heterotopia, indeed. That's the thinking behind a ling. switch.

Sra said...

Good story, thanks for sharing.

I used to hate onions, but then I discovered French onion soup, which is divine if prepared with good ingredients. And I also discovered that I didn't hate the raw onions that disguised themselves as iceberg lettuce in a salad at my favorite pizza joint in SLC. So that's when I accepted onions into my life for good.

Anonymous said...

Ha. I LOVED this. It made me think I was actually there. Good one.

Anonymous said...

Onions aside, I get the linguistic point here. And you reacted the way I never would. What's up, Bri? You were either too impressed or too tired and hungry to care about it. I'm putting my money on the latter. :)

Anonymous said...

But you can switch and not run, right?
And a bit of onion is not that bad for the overall, comprehensive health, as you put it.

Anonymous said...

A good example of why a cool person is not only easy to tolerate but oh-so-easy to like. I'm sure that's what informed your compliance with the onion-eating experience.

Anonymous said...

The title just about killed me. Still laughing. I think I'll use that.