Sunday, December 14, 2008

Michael Phelps Adds Author Title to His Medals

Michael Phelps has a book out. It's about the drive that took him to his unprecedented success in the Olympics. The title is No Limits and it's a fast read.
The thing I find the most interesting is the behind-the-scenes of his success. A couple of the questions raised are:
What does it actually take to perform with excellence and how does one keep the focus intact when trying to accomplish the final goal?
Everyone who works out regularly knows that it takes discipline and dedication to keep at it. The metaphor could be extended to other pursuits, of course. Phelps' book might just inspire a few to keep at it.
Also, here is the athlete on the Colbert Report this past week.

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JJ said...

it'll be a good present, actually.
he's one amazing athlete.
I have been meaning to ask, what do you listen to when you work out?

Dan said...

Colbert had fun with this one. Phelps is one amazing story, though. Will pick that book up.

HDC said...

Not an ardent fan of his kind of sport, but a fan of what he accomplished.

Tina said...

Well, Phelps doesn't look like the writing kind but I suppose he needs to capitalize on his swimming talent. It's quite funny, actually, when non-writers decide they have to write to impart their unique philosophy on life.

dave said...

Didn't figure him for a man of letters but I suppose he could be an author, too. Heck, he won't be getting 8 medals every year and people seem to dig the whole I-need-to-be-inspired-before-the-holidays thing.

James said...

Conditioning and discipline. Yup. That formula pretty much does it every time.