Friday, October 10, 2008

The music of the LoveWillows

Hope and Ryan are the members of the LoveWillows.
Their sound is sound enough for me to review them briefly in here. I doubt they'll be a high-frequency visitor in my playlists but it's definitely something I enjoyed discovering.
Their music is fresh and hip with a bit of an unpolished quality to it and this kind of combo does it for some music lovers.
In the following clip, Hope discusses her shoe fetish, her love of style, and how she interprets her own femininity.
Ryan seems to be the power force behind writing and his style seems fun-loving, pop-y, and evocative of the 80's era.
Actually, the more I think about it the more I'm tending to believe that I'm more a fan of their textile choices than guitar lines.
Here they are:


HDC said...

Too cute0sounding for my taste. This could be a cool X-mas gift to family, though. My folks could drive to this. And these guys are Southern too, so it works. :)

Eric L said...

Poster children for 'happy times.' Cute but yeah, that's it.

Mary said...

Cuter clothes.
For sure.
I would buy their CD though. It would be a cool thin to play around the holidays. You know, happy and all that.

JJ said...

I'd get this. thx.