Monday, October 13, 2008

Keane's Absolute Must-Have New Album

Well, folks.
It's finally happened.
Not till 2004 have I been this excited about a new album as I am about Keane's Perfect Symmetry.
I'm endorsing it proudly and gladly. It is, de facto, that good.
Perfect Symmetry is as close to perfect as it could be. It is one of those creative projects that captures confidently the spirit of these times while, at the same time, being beholden to sounds past.

Here is the breakdown of the tracks:

1. "Spiralling" (Chaplin/Hughes/Rice-Oxley/Quin) - 4:19
2. "The Lovers Are Losing" - 5:04
3. "Better Than This" - 4:04
4. "You Haven't Told Me Anything" - 3:47
5. "Perfect Symmetry" - 5:12
6. "You Don't See Me" - 4:03
7. "Again and Again" - 3:50
8. "Playing Along" - 5:35
9. "Pretend That You're Alone" - 3:47
10. "Black Burning Heart" - 5:23
11. "Love Is the End" - 5:40
12. "My Shadow" (bonus track on Japanese edition & pre-order track on iTunes UK) - 4:47

As I just noted to an associate, Keane's new album is "so good, so happy, so 80's done right."
I can't beat that initial phrasing. Another phrase I don't mind sharing is what I intimated to Liam when discussing some albums earlier today. I referred to it as 'happy yet not sappy." Also, when referring to the track '"You Haven't Told Me Anything"' all I could come up with was: "wowsah. What vocal range!" I stand by this, too.
I can count with three hands the albums I could play daily. Keane's Perfect Symmetry is now added to that list, thus ousting LCD Soundsystem.

And if you, even marginally, like any of the British bands of a similar persuasion that I've reviewed here, you should definitely give this a try.
Also, here is what the Rolling Stone magazine is saying about the album. Plus, you get to listen to the album as well.


Liam said...

unabashedly incredibly well done.

Anonymous said...

I'm getting this tomorrow! I've rarely heard this kind of enthusiasm from you when reviewing new music as you generally tend to politely point out the likable parts of an album. But this you're loving a lot.
I absolutely adore their music. So, I'm so getting this. thx again.

Anonymous said...

I just heard Spiralling. Good stuff. Will get it. thx.

Anonymous said...

"You haven't told me anything" is such a great song.
It's how a truly 80's-inspired song should sould like in 2008! So hip and fresh at the same time.
I like this very, very, very well!
thx. yeah, new music......

Anonymous said...

I'm loving it. Solid.

Anonymous said...

loving it.

Anonymous said...

kudos to keane!
very, very good album!