Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Highest Paid Authors

Below is the list of the ten highest paid authors of our times. None of my favorite authors are in it. See if any of yours are.
1. JK Rowling - $300m (£170m)
2. James Patterson - $50m (£28m)
3. Stephen King - $45m (£25m)
4. Tom Clancy - $35m (£20m)
5. Danielle Steel - $30m (£17m)
6. John Grisham - $25m (£14m)
6. Dean Koontz - $25m (£14m)
8. Ken Follett - $20m (£11m)
9. Janet Evanovich - $17m (£10m)
10. Nicholas Sparks - $16m (£9m)

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Sra said...

I think this correlates with my theorem on book classics ;)

I enjoyed the Harry Potter books quite a bit (except for the 5th and 7th), but I wouldn't call Rowling one of my favorite authors. I think there's a difference between enjoying a book (or any media) and thinking that book is good.

Anonymous said...

I agree with sra.
it's almost perturbing though that these people make as much as they do. grrrh

Anonymous said...

For some reason I wasn't expecting Shakespeare of Dante to make the list.
Call me a cynic.

Anonymous said...

So judging by this list I can self-define as indie!

Anonymous said...

That's why my favorite have to be ordered in indie sites and take some time to get here.....

Anonymous said...

I never got the whole Potter-mania. Can't read any of that stuff. And more importantly, I can't understand for the world of me why these books are so widely read.
Too escapist a fad, it seems like.....

Unknown said...

Come on!
Yeah, none of these cats are people I read.
And I read.
A ton!

Anonymous said...

Hmm. As a Lit person I can say I feel unrepresented. I go through hundreds of titles a year and, I'm sorry to say, I have no clue who these people are. With the exception of Grisham, that is. But that relationship is less than marginal, really. Can't say I've read him closely.