Friday, September 12, 2008

The Women, the Movie

The Women is directed by Diane English. It could have been significantly better, most definitely. Annette Bening's talents were underused. As were those of Candace Bergman, even Meg Ryan's.
Another thing that Diane English could have tackled is the reality of class differences and class mobility. The film left much to be desired, especially on this account.
Also, I realize that fashion and the aesthetics of the field are, indeed, relevant and important to many, but isn't the 'text' of fashion been covered enough?
All the Patricia Field 'texts' and the 'Project Runway' and 'Project Runway'-ish shows havent' quite been enough?!
When Meg Ryan's character, Mary, shows her 'fashion line' at the end of the film, I believe I heard something like, 'oy!' sighed somewhere. I concur with that sigh. Fully.
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Anonymous said...

Yeah, it looked like a cliche to me, too.

Anonymous said...

Annette Bening should be in better films. Being Julia was stupendous. She needs to be cast right!

Unknown said...

Bening is one of the better actors out there but I also think she's not being cast right. Being Julia was superb! I'll maybe catch this one when HBO has it On Demand, or something.

Anonymous said...

It does look like a cliche. it's a remake from a 1930's movie, right?

Sra said...

I saw a clip of this on the Conan show last night. Didn't entice me much. The only thing I find interesting about this movie is that apparently there are no men in it, not even in the background.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I'd say it's squarely in the cliche camp. If you want quality and a reminder of everything Hollywood used to be (and has such a hard time recapturing), go rent George Cuckor's original.

"JUNGLE red!"