Friday, September 19, 2008

What's Behind a Name?

In this case, a more direct reference to the blog's middle name, i.e., Heteronormativity and Performativity. Ergo, HetPers. The final 's' was added to signify plurality. Many of my readers refer to the blog as 'HetPer' anyway, so for the sake of onomastic consistency I christened it 'hetpers.'
It will take up to three days, the Google machine informs me, for 'hetpers' to show on the search engines. So, for now, either write out the whole address on the navigation bar or simply wait a couple of days for the search engines to pick it up. Thank you.


JJ said...

I like.

Mary said...

Ha. The Google machine..... Is that a Borat-ism?

Will said...

Hi, Hetpers.
Got it.

Sra said...

Whatever happened to bookmarking? Or my favorite, feed reading.

B.R. said...

Hetpers - a consistency ploy, really.
It's a re-categorization, in a way.
Sra - didn't consider bookmarking or feed reading simply because onomastics took precedence. And onomastics is something I tend to rarely take lightly.

B.R. said...

Dear all.
I figured out that a new domain was not necessary altogether. is fine.
Should be fully up and running now. Or so I'm reassured by the powers that be.