Monday, September 1, 2008

School and Work: Girl Power?

For some the work place experience is not reminiscent of the mostly egalitarian classroom experience.
A new feature on the Times says:

"Then I left the egalitarianism of the classroom for the cubicle, and everything changed. The realization that the knowledge and skills acquired in school don’t always translate at the office is something that all college graduates, men and women, must face. But for women, I have found, the adjustment tends to be much harder. It was certainly hard for me — I lasted only nine months in my first job out of college.

Inspired by my own rocky entrance into the work world, I decided to interview other young women and discovered that many of them, like me, were facing a steep workplace learning curve. What was it, I wondered, that was making our first career steps so wobbly when we had been so accomplished and self-assured in school?"

Read it here.

graph per ny times


Anonymous said...

I found that out too. College is one thing, the work place, especially the cubicle realm is a way different story.

Sra said...

That's a good article. Lots of food for thought.

Anonymous said...

True, true.