Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Rhetoric and Literary Terms

Whether one is serious about rhetoric or not this is a most useful link. And it's hosted by Utah's own Brigham Young University. Thanks, cougars!

A few interesting lexemes to add to one's vocab:

"# accismus
A feigned refusal of that which is earnestly desired.
# anthypophora
One asks and then immediately answers one's own questions (or raises and then settles imaginary objections)
# anticategoria
A retort in which one turns the very accusation made by one's adversary back against him.
# diasyrmus
Rejecting an argument through ridiculous comparison.
# elenchus
A logical refutation.

pointer via MR


Sra said...

Cool collection. I love that there are words for these things. They are the type of words that you don't think you need until you hear their definition.

jj said...

These are really interesting words. Had no idea such things could be captured by words. Cool.

Dana said...

I am told I tend to use 'anthypophora' quite a bit. Excellent word. I can now economize on a whole sentence.

Jenny said...

I had reason to use 'elenchus' today ;)

Jenny said...

I had reason to use 'elenchus' today ;)