Monday, September 22, 2008

Idleness Looking Chic?

I tend to think that chicness and idleness can't quite inhabit the same niche. Sort of like oil and vinegar. I suppose they're fine for certain sandwich eaters but not so ok for those of us who happen to be keen on somewhat less complicated tastes. But I digress.
Rachel Zoe, the uber-stylist, is all over the place these days.
She even has a TV show on Bravo and if you happen to catch a few minutes of it, you are bound to hear her utter phrases like "I Die. D-I-E." "You look bananas." "you're shutting it down!" and other beauties of this nature in reference to shoes, accessories, clothing et al.

Zoe has big hair, big glasses, a bit venti Starbucks cup, and a very, very small frame.

I have made a few references to her in the past many of which were satire-informed. However, what I will give Rachel Zoe today is a tip of the hat for providing a consistent 'reading' of her textile choices. While as an individual I might not be moved, at all, by her styling choices, as a reader I find her overall textual presentation most worthy of attention. For sans power, she is not!

True, there are plenty of jokes one hears about her. But one also needs to give her some credit for retaining a good measure of congealed constancy in a business that's about as fickle as ..... [hint, insert the ficklest example you are individually aware of.]

So, while the big hair, big glasses, hobo-chic look, et al., isn't quite cutting it for some of us, it seems to be doing wonders for her business.

This NY Times article on her was perhaps one of the most entertaining things I read after our power and internet were given back to us.

A bit therefrom says:
"A Starbucks cup is essential to the entire gestalt. If you have seen Mary-Kate Olsen, then you can envision Rachel Zoe. The look conveys idleness, and its uncanny effect has been to make people who don’t do anything famous for doing nothing. Styling celebrities in her own strung-out ’70s glam style — Grecian tops over lean trousers, boxy miniskirts, visible clavicles, bug-eyed sunglasses, heavy gold necklaces, big rings — Ms. Zoe has landed her clients on the pages of magazines like Us with an impressive regularity."
Read more here.
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Anonymous said...

Not my look, either, but there's so many people that look like her, and in turn a lot of clothes fashioned after her..., so that makes her relevant.

Anonymous said...

She looks a bit scary but I like her choice of shades.

Anonymous said...

Her looks are so weird to me. And a bit scary too. Like the Olson people like really, really bizarre. Don't quite get this 'style' really. But, yeah, RZ is def. relevant since so many are looking like that these days.

Anonymous said...

I learned about her after seeing all of those pix on magazine of skinny females in granny clothes.
What's the point of her style, actually?
Minimalistic, it is not.
By the way, what sayest thou about the new Ben Sherman line?

Anonymous said...

Also, what's the 'skinny aesthetic' all about? If the body is covered in over-sized clothing, well, what's the point, really?