Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Gym for Free?

Tip of the hat to MR.
Just saw this and had to post it.

"A Danish chain of gyms is now offering membership free of charge, with the only caveat that you have to show up, in order for the membership to be free. If you fail to show up once per week you will be billed the normal monthly membership fee for that month. This should solve the problem with incentives that gym-membership normally carries - there is suddenly a very large (membership is around 85$ per month) incentive to show up each week."

I don't know about the caveat in the scenario. It's too big of one. And too binding.
Nothing comes for free after all, per the old adage.

If you're interested in the original text, it's in Danish and it's to be found here.
graph per ballyfitness
quotes per mr


Sra said...

Well, my comment got eaten by the internets, so to paraphrase, I think it's a good idea and the only time I think the agreement might not be fair is if you can't come to the gym because you're sick or on vacation, rather than if you just don't come to the gym.

Anonymous said...

I agree. What about when extenuating circumstances are involved? The policy seems to presuppose that people are simply lazy and that they won't show out of a desire to stay home instead.

Anonymous said...

and wow!
$85 is steep.
I thought my gym was expensive and it's only about half that a month.

vipull said...

Something from folks over at Freakonomics -
I guess a subject right up your alley Bri. Now, what do you think of Ralph Nader?

B.R. said...

That's about as thrilling as a coffee-drinking tax.