Friday, September 12, 2008

Brothers' Coen: Burn After Reading

Those of you interested in the the Brothers' Coen cinematic texts, will be pleasantly entertained by this Times feature. A bit says:
"With its complexly interwoven stories, political backdrop and the central presence of a bearded George Clooney, the film comes across a bit like “Syriana for Dummies,” though given the original this seems somewhat redundant. "
I'm voting for this sentence as the best one read today.
A review of the film will ensue.
Read more here.
graph per ny times


Anonymous said...

I'm going to see this for one reason alone: that the brothers Coen made it. Can't think of any filmmaker with more cachet at this point.

Sra said...

I'm going to see it for the great cast. It's not often you see some of these guys in comedic films.

I felt like I was the only person who didn't like Syriana.

Anonymous said...

same here. i'l watch it for the cast. looks like fun.