Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Tropic Thunder: Above Average

Tropic Thunder is worth a watch. I wouldn't use the kinds of superlatives some reviewers have used so far but I will give it a more than lukewarm recommendation.

What sells the movie to some, me included, is the performance by Robert Downey Jr. But then again, I'm rarely disappointed by his work, anyway.

So, here are a few reasons to watch this Ben Stiller-penned and -directed film:

1) Tom Cruise's portrayal of a despicable Hollywood producer by the name of Les.
2) 'Alpa Chino''s repartee with Robert Downey Jr.
3) 'Sandusky''s encouraging and mobilizing words to his 'platoon.'
4) Matthew McConaughey's portrayal of a manager with, yes, conscience.
5) Jack Black's withdrawals
6) Last but not least, Tom Cruise's dance moves to Hip-Hop at the end of the film.

So, if you have already seen the superb Brideshead Revisited, go see Tropic Thunder. It is bound to produce a couple of chuckles. It could have been funnier and Jack Black could have been used more, but it's an ok attempt overall.
And here are a few memorable quotes from the film:

Kirk Lazarus: I know who I am! I'm the dude playing the dude disguised as another dude!
And the conversation between Alpa Chino and Downy Jr's Kirk Lazarus:
"Alpa Chino: Maybe I just knew I had to represent...
Kirk Lazarus: Hot damn!
Alpa Chino: ...because they had one good part in there for a *black* man, and they gave it to "Crocodile Dundee"!
Kirk Lazarus: [offended] Pump your brakes kid, that man's a national treasure.
Alpa Chino: I'm sorry a dingo ate your baby!"
Speedman: I don't believe you people!
Kirk Lazarus: What do you mean, "you people?"
Alpa Chino: What do you mean, "you people?""
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dave said...

'you people'... i bet it was fun seeing that bit on the big screen. i'll see it just b/c RDJ's in it.

dave said...

'you people'... i bet it was fun seeing that bit on the big screen. i'll see it just b/c RDJ's in it.

Mary said...

I read something about some people being offended re: the use of the word 'retard.' What was that all about? Or are these people simply impervious to satire?

JJ said...

Didn't figure you for a Cruise fan, so he must have been more than bearable, eh?
I suppose, will go check the movie out.

Sra said...

The cast alone was enough to convince me to see it in the dollar theaters, but with your recommendation, maybe I'll make it a matinee at the stadium seaters.

Brooke said...

Word on the soundtrack?
Also, did you know that DCfC is coming to concert?
And Keane's album is due around the same time?
But then again, I bet you know this already....