Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Text Messaging: Economy of Speech Non Plus?

Textual activity is a necessity to many. Now consider the following:

SMS 1) "Uhm, did u get my email this morning re: that SMS I got last night from ___ after I let a VM for them when I was at that event in SF?'

SMS 2) "ja, ja, & ja."

SMS 1) "Oh my, s/o's chatty this AM!"

SMS 2) "k. N1"

Tip of the hat to the second texter. 'Economy of speech' par excellence.


Anonymous said...

SMS 1 is either annoying by the text received [and justifiably so] or is new to the art of Text Messaging.
Either way, I give him/her a star.

Sra said...

I like that SMS1 actually spelled out "uhm" in a text.

And I don't get "N1" -- what's that all about?

B.R. said...

Apparently N1 = Nice one.

Anonymous said...

Here's an SMS concoction that got me going: 'TNSTAAFL'
It stands for - There's no such thing as a free lunch

Anonymous said...

And someone texted me this:

"UR2YS4ME - You are too wise for me"

I know, easy to believe, right? :)