Sunday, August 3, 2008

'Hypergamy' and Gender Difference?

The word is Hypergamy and the article appears on the Occidental Quarterly.
It is full of problems and leaks (well, I'm tempted to call them adolescent exaggerations, actually) but that's beside the point.

Warning: some of you might find this too perturbing but as MR pointed out, if nothing else, it is an example of what else is being published out there on the topic.

Here's a bit from it.
"It would be more accurate to say that the female sexual instinct is hyper-
gamous. Men may have a tendency to seek sexual variety, but women have
simple tastes in the manner of Oscar Wilde: They are always satisfied with the
best. By definition, only one man can be the best. These different male and
female “sexual orientations” are clearly seen among the lower primates, e.g., in
a baboon pack. Females compete to mate at the top, males to get to the top.
Women, in fact, have a distinctive sexual utopia corresponding to their
hypergamous instincts. In its purely utopian form, it has two parts: First, she
mates with her incubus, the imaginary perfect man; and second, he “commits,”
or ceases mating with all other women."
The article is by F. Roger Devlin and it is entitled: "Sexual Utopia in Power."
Right. Let the reactions flow.....


Unknown said...

"women have
simple tastes in the manner of Oscar Wilde"... SAY WHAT?!
What planet's this chap from?! Apparently he does not know how to 'read' women.

Anonymous said...

I reckon these characters make the discussion not only interesting but necessary.....
Sexism, anyone?

Anonymous said...

nts, hypergamy.....

Sra said...

If women are always satisfied with the best, why have so many of us experienced attraction to dysfunctional "bad boys" and boredom with really great men?

This guy is trying to simplify a much too complicated matter.