Thursday, July 31, 2008

Think Twice Before You Tip

Waiters work extremely hard for a living and the least a customer can do is, well, tip. Common sense tells one that it's what one needs to and should do.
If not, then according to Steve Dublanica, a former waiter himself and author of ‘Waiter Rant’: How to Avoid Spit in Your Food, you're leaving your culinary experience in the hands of a dissatisfied waiter. And, trust me, after reading this account, a whole new meaning will be added to the notion of good manners and etiquette.
graph per msnbc


Anonymous said...

EEEEKKKKK! Think twice before being rude to waiters. I've always maintained that.

Anonymous said...

knew someone who'd say that if her customers were mean at the coffeeshop, she's make their coffee decaf. At 6 AM! Needless to say, I always smile like a 'kook' when out!!

Anonymous said...

yeah, especially if you're a repeat customer. smile, tip, and turn the cell phone off!! avoid the wrath of a pissed off waiter at any cost. word!

Anonymous said...

All smiles now. For real!

Sra said...

Ugh! I hate that tips are expected. Completely undermines the point of a "gratuity".

Once I went out to a semi-high scale restaurant with my boyfriend, both of us dressed casually. We had the same server as the people at the table next to us, dressed very elegantly with a silver Porsche parked out front. Our server gave them exceptional service but was rather neglectful towards us. She ended up self-fulfilling her prophecy that we wouldn't tip her as well. Although since we didn't have a Porsche payment, we probably were in a better position to tip her well.

Moral: Treat your customers well, and then you will have a right to complain when they don't tip you well.

aflo said...

i sometimes tip waiters when they get my food/drink order (as opposed to when i´m getting ready to leave). Have never gotten bad service. In my experience if you tip well at the very beginning you will always get good service.