Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Shear Genius: Well-Edited and Aesthetically Spot-on

When people ask me to explain, in pop culture language and image, what heteronormativity and performativity is, I like to resort to ubiquitous signs and 'texts' with the premise of which I happen to concur for the most part.
I have a show I could use as an example when attempting an 'illustration' of the names of my blog. The show is called Shear Genius and it airs on Bravo TV every Wednesday at 22.00, 21.00 C.
It is tough to know which shows to watch and DVR at a time when there is a cornucopia of options but a handful of qualitative programming.
I fully enjoy and make it a point to catch Bravo TV's Shear Genius. Shows like Shear Genius make me think that perhaps turning on the TV occasionally and actually keeping cable is not that trivial a pursuit.
Just why do I enjoy Shear genius?
1) The choice of stylists is pure genius. These reality stars are not only fully cognizant of the craft and what it entails, they seem to inherently get sociality.
2) Aesthetics, need I say more? Any show that pays attention to good form will have my attention. Since I don't usually do TV, in order for me to have the incentive to watch I need to know I'll be, at least, aesthetically informed. Well, Shear Genius does just that.
3) Stylistic relevance. Most people like to look good and hair will always be relevant.
4) I like to see how the stylists relate and how they wear their gendered expressions which they change up as often as their hypermodern hairstyles. Judith Butler, anybody? A person can wear a number of ['hair'] identities contemporaneously. At least, that's my Shear Genius' interpretation of Butlerian gender notions.
Thumbs up on my end.


dana said...

i liked the first season a whole lot. Tabatha?! OMG. A reason to watch tv, no doubt. She's getting her own Bravo show, btw.
I bet you're getting a kick out of the Dee-Nekisa-Charlia-Nicole dealings....

JJ said...

This show is really funny. The best that Bravo has to offer at this point. I bet they cast the stylists on a gender scale: Charlie being the token macho, or course :=)

Lucia said...

Ah, bien!!! Was starting to think there's nothing to watch out there.....

Nicki said...

Dee and Nekisa all the way!!
I think Nicole might win. I want her to win. And she's got the best hairstyle in the bunch.

Nicki said...

By the way, could you explain what you mean by, "Judith Butler, anybody? A person can wear a number of ['hair'] identities contemporaneously."...? thx.

mary said...

Was that misogyny I heard in Charlie's rantings last night?! Oh my!!