Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Pop Culture 'Germany Style'

A most interesting piece on the NY Times observes:

"...it’s true there is a general embarrassment among Germans about being famous for being famous. Unless you are a world-class star, you must be intellectual and appear normal; otherwise you’re considered trash.”

Mr. Poschardt elaborated: “It’s the reverse of America. You can openly be an intellectual elitist here, but materially you must act the same as everyone else. We have a lively pop scene now, but Germany doesn’t have a real pop culture tradition because we killed or expelled everybody who produced pop culture years ago, then we missed out on the next 50 years."
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graph per ny times


Anonymous said...

Funny. I was talking to a German relative today who was commenting on the same stuff. Culture differences....

Anonymous said...

is that Carla Bruni?