Thursday, July 24, 2008

Pioneer Day, What Is It?

Happy Pioneer Day, Utah folks!
Some of the emails I received today had 'Pioneer Day' sprinkled on them since some of my associates had a day off work today as a result.
So, for those of you non-Utah-informed readers, Pioneer Day is on the 24th of July. It is a state holiday in Utah and, if my memory from my days living there serves me right, there is also a Pioneer Day Parade.
Learn more about this holiday here.
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Unknown said...

Ha! There were surely a bunch of bonnets in this neck of the woods today :)
Getting time off work is good, so on that note, thx Pioneer Day!

Anonymous said...

why do they call it pioneer?

Anonymous said...

I'd rock those bonnets! Do they really wear the costumes and all? Sounds cool.

Sra said...

The parades always manage to get in the way of where I'm trying to go. What's the point of a parade anyway? Especially in this day and age of nanosecond attention spans.

No complaints about having a day off, though.