Friday, July 25, 2008

Nas on Colbert

The performer Nas was on The Colbert Report this week. Nas's newly released album Untitled was released a little over a week to encouraging reviews and sales. Nas is also much in the media due to his ongoing back&forth with Fox News' O'Reilly.
I'm not much of a fan of hip-hop but I am a fan of any well-made album regardless of its genre. I suppose anything other that Kate Perry is a good move on the part of radio DJ's. Moments like this make one appreciate the iTrip even more.
I find Nas's Untitled passionate and seemingly honest. While I've only been listening to it for a short time now, I have to say it definitely delivers on pathos.
Nas, per his admission, sings about problems and foibles he observes in his own community. He says he sings to inform and, if nothing else, his passion for his art will be easily detectable in this new project. Nas is known for his flare for grandiosity and superiority. I don't know if that's the performativity aspect of the genre or not, but be it as it may, it doesn't bother me. However, not much of his signature bravado (that he is usually known for) can be observed in this album. He almost sounds altruistic. Well, almost.
The Rolling Stone review observes:
"Still, on Untitled, Nas has found subject matter worthy of his grandiosity and his grumpiness."
I would concur.
Check out Nas on the 07/23 episode on The Colbert Report. Much of his conversation with Colbert had to do with a discussion of race and some of its depiction in a few news programs.


Anonymous said...

OMG. I saw that episode.....

Anonymous said...

Colbert rocks! The interview in the studio was cool. Did Nas say 'origination' or was it my imagination?

Anonymous said...

Colbert's show was just too funny! His conversation with Nas made me laugh so hard.

Unknown said...

Nas and O'Reilly sharing the same picture. Now, that's funny.
The new album is ok, I thought. Nas is a bit too obsessed with O'Reilly, I thought.