Thursday, May 1, 2008

What's HetPer?

So, HetPer?
This blog does have a pretty long name, I know. I picked this name as a way of capturing the theoretical and popular gist of my observation. But since I'm also a believer of space and time economy, I have been wide open to nickname suggestions.

Some of my readers refer to the blog as the HetPer. So by way of this post, I am informing the rest of my readers that I support such an abbreviation.

HetPer is happy to announce that it will be providing a number of brand-new music reviews this month as there are some exciting new projects out there now.

Thanks for all your suggestions and comments.


Anonymous said...

I like HetPer. It sure makes it easier to refer to when talking to people. I can do two syllables :).

Anonymous said...

Dana, that is.