Thursday, May 29, 2008

I Do: I Like HoneyHoney

HoneyHoney has a unique sound. The band which is comprised of Suzanne Santo and Ben Jaffe is characterized by a happy balance of folk sounds, indie rock traces, and informed lyrics.

Suzanne Santo hails from Ohio and she's yet another example of many solid artists to come out of the state. Columbus, OH is known for things other than the little thing call Ohio State. I know it's hard to believe this especially when the Bucks are playing and beating basically every team they play. But there is also a good indie scene in town. I have explored some and intend to do more soon. But that's another post and I digress.

HoneyHoney is unlike anything I'm listening to right now. My playlists have consisted of Starsailor, Muse, Italian contemporary rock, The Pet Shop Boys (Don't ask. I don't know why!), and Mr. Bob Dylan. So, HoneyHoney is a good diversion. A most welcome one, actually. If you're interested in the kind of music professionals can actually make, well, hurry and get their stuff. They won't disappoint. Their music relaxes and informs. It might be a tad melancholy in certain places but it's all in good measure.

I tend to stay away from the what I call the 'Nora Jones effect' not because I don't particularly like Jones' music but because it fails to match my usual pace of life. De gustibus non disputandum est, after all.
If you're already a folk fan, well, needless to say you'll be HoneyHoney-fied in no time.

Lastly, what I like about HoneyHoney is the fact that they can enlighten me musically in a quiet, totally-denuded-of-pretension sort of way.
And that's the kind of music I respond to. It's the kind any Bob Dylan fan would respond to, I suppose.

Here is a video.

graph per myspace
hat tip to youtube for the vid


dave said...

right on. will def. check them out as i'm in need of new beats. thx.

Mary said...

Have you ever seen them perform live? How are they?

Mary said...

Have you ever seen them perform live? How are they?