Sunday, May 4, 2008

Divorced by 30?

Hat tip to Prettier than Napoleon for the pointer.
It's an article about getting divorced by 30. I reckon my grandparents would find this sort of stuff infuriating but then again they tied the knot way before Web 2.0 accessed our world.
Well, here's the article.

A snippet of the LA Times: says:

"I was on the way to the gym when my older sister called me from New York to discuss my upcoming 30th birthday. It was six months away, but with such a big milestone, she wanted to start planning way in advance. Did I want a huge party or a small dinner? Casual dress or cocktail attire? Whom would I invite? Did I want to go somewhere? Vegas? Miami? Or did I want to stay in L.A.?

As I pondered these options, one definitive thought struck me: Regardless of what city I was in, what I was wearing or what I had planned, I didn’t want Dan on the guest list. I didn’t want Dan to be anywhere near me on my 30th birthday. I wanted my 30th to be free of status quo mediocrity."

What say ye?
graph per la times

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Anonymous said...

30 is the new 50, then when it comes to divorce?
I don't understand why some tie the knot in such a hurry the way the author of the article did....