Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Tracy Ullman Gets Comedy: Brava!

Tracy Ullman's State of the Union show is perhaps the funniest program on cable TV these days. Granted, I don't watch much TV but based on the research and reviews I've read, little seems to be really worth the time.
I have viewed a few episodes of Ullman's new Showtime show and all I can say is: genius!
It's absolutely mind-boggling how she manages to imitate David Beckam, Laurie David and Arianna Huffington in the same episode.
Definitely a must-see!
graph per showtime


Anonymous said...

I like it when she does the Indian pharmacist. Breaking into song in the pharmacy.... Too funny!

Anonymous said...

did you know she's one of the most financially successful UK comics? i like her too. she's got an amazing ear.

Anonymous said...

Ok, classic Ullman:
The housewife with the shaky leg on whom Laurie David's private jet dumps a load of fuel!

Unknown said...

What do you think of her in Ab Fab? Ullman simply rocks! One more reason to get Showtime, I guess.