Thursday, April 3, 2008

Singles Map

To my single readers and cohorts, here's Richard Florida's singles map as per his findings in his fantastic new book Who's Your City.
I'll be reviewing his book this week.
Does it match your perceptions of the areas in which you find yourselves?


wil said...

The big concentration in the extremes makes sense. And I found it personally true, as well.

Becca said...

San Francisco has the most men but I bet it's because of the high gay population.... Did he have the gays in mind when he compiled the maps?

John said...

Yes, I had a similar question. How does R. Florida 'define' singles? What about gay people who can't marry? Did he look at domestic partnerships too? It makes sense to me too that such areas as San Fran and most of California would have a high number of 'single' males.

James said...

But why are the men heading West while the women choose the East...?