Monday, April 21, 2008

The Colbert 'Bump'

Stephen Colbert doesn't just make some of us laugh uncontrollably. He's also a good book 'reviewer', it turns out. My instincts tell me that the authors who go on the show must do pretty well in terms of book sales after their Colbert appearance. After all, if other people out there feel a compulsion to read the new books the why I do, these authors can't be doing all that badly.
The piece on juice analytics states:
"... being on the Colbert Report increases sales by 10 times on average. That bump doesn't last forever, but, let's face it, what does?"
Interesting bit. Read it here.
graph her colbert nation


Anonymous said...

he's definitely got cache!

Anonymous said...

At times I feel for the writers who go on the Colbert as they're obviously nervous to be facing him/
But it's a little price to pay for more sales and more mulah!
You should write a book that Colbert would like to feature, dude! I'd like to see you there.

Unknown said...

I agree with Will. Get it out there and go on Colbert. It would be so tivo-worthy!