Monday, March 10, 2008

Is There a Man Driver Coming soon?

On the way back from the airport, we found ourselves on a shuttle. The driver informed us that she had gotten stuck in the snow and couldn't move the vehicle.

An older gentle lady approached her and asked "Is the other shuttle coming soon? Maybe the other driver is a man and men know how to do these sorts of things, you know??

At that point I stopped thinking about whatever it is I was thinking and focused on that conversation. I remember thinking to myself, "oh, no, you didn't just say that?!?

The driver tried a few more times to get the shuttle moving and she succeeded. At that point she turned to the older lady and said, 'don't you ever say such sexist things again. I don't need a man!'

I understood her rage but at the same time I felt badly for the old lady. So, in an effort to distract the driver I said, 'yoo-hoo. You rock!!! Give it up for the driver!' I started clapping and other passengers followed.


Liam said...

i often give leniency to older folk. i assume some semblance of anachronistic acceptance when statements like hers appear...

Anonymous said...

i agree with liam.
as a certain someone keep telling all the time, "context, my dear, context!"