Sunday, February 10, 2008

Red and Green..., together!

I suppose the only way to make red more accessible and easier to process is to couple it with green. But then again, per Benjamin, a 'green' is expected to say exactly that.

What do these colors and this ensemble reveal about our 2008 choices?

Hat tip to sartorialist for the pointer.


Anonymous said...

Ha. Priceless. Red and green. And we're not just talking colors, of course!

vipull said...

Check this out -(, "clothing as text" in a language that I can understand. I have been reading Cosma's stuff since blogs were not in vogue and he published his notebooks as a grad student at SantaFe Institute. Brad DeLong's blog is fun and informative too.

B.R. said...

Thank, Turco. I enjoy Delong as well. A most interesting post, that. I see another reaction coming. Cheers.
That 'clothing as text' is not just a 'fashion week' statement, well, that's undeniable at this point.

Anonymous said...

Adorable. How to deal with the red?
Couple it with that trouble-maker of a color, green!

Anonymous said...

I'm also having second thoughts about the current hair trends. I thought the 80's were left behind in 2007. Are we really that attached to that style?! I'm almost wishing the 90's were back, that's how bad it is for me.
Do you think long hair on women is oozing a deeper subtext than, say, what a Mizrahi or Wang want us to 'like?'