Monday, January 14, 2008

Where Is the New Music of '08?

Like one of my favorite bloggers, Carrie Brownstein over at NPR's Monitor Mix, I have been wondering about new music releases from 2008. The iTunes store looks uninteresting and since it's currently not schooling me on new things, I thought I'd try my next resource, my 'music' people who are always plugged in.
'Nothing new so far,' they say in frighteningly similar unison.
'I'm still listening to Radiohead.' says Will
Whereas Ben's playlist will be 'oh-so-2007' for another couple of months as per his admission. 2007 did produce some good titles, though, so I don't blame him.

Carrie's feeling on the matter reflects mine almost perfectly. She writes:

'If this were 1975, the month would have delivered us Dylan's Blood on the Tracks. And in January of 1980, London Calling by the Clash arrived.
Instead, it's been a month of pulling out old records -- revisiting Mahalia Jackson and the Fall, the Chills and Soundgarden. But I'm ready for that first jolt of the new, a soundtrack, or at least a sounding board, with which to freshly interpret the world.'

Yes, indeed, fresh interpretations are welcome. Music, please. Like Carrie, I'm done with Radiohead.
And as I write this, a little Flight of the Conchords song by Jemaine and Bret comes to mind. Methinks rebooting is in order.
To read more of Carrie Brownstein's work, go here.


Eric said...

It is time for new music. Esp. when Flight of the Conchords 'songs' come to mind.
What do you think of Sia's cd?

Becca said...

Wait, Ladyhawk, yes?
Carrie Brownstein reviewed them, I think.....
Have you heard Canada's Ladyhawk yet?

Nicki said...

it is rather difficult to get one's hands on good music recently....
i also have enough of Radiohead. it's time to get some new beats.

Nicki said...

carrie reviewed Ladyhawk and i'm checking them out today. will report on quality.

Dan said...

Being released around Spring perhaps?

car said...

May I ask what your 'writing playlist' consists of these days?

B.R. said...

Hat tip to Joe for introducing me to Within Temptation.
If you all are interested in a nice blend of heroic and melancholy sounds, you might like then as well.
Thanks, Joe.
Sia's ok. Starbucks is now distributing her cd which I'm assuming is huge for her career.
Yes, I read up on Ladyhawk, Becca, and will be checking them out soon.
Yes, Dan, it is indeed early... But as Carrie points out great albums have been released in Jan.

Andy said...

Flight of the Conchords? Seriously?
Just thinking out loud.
The only thing you have in common with the duo is the 'Jemaine's glass frames.' Can't see a common point, but maybe therein lies the interest....?
Thx for the post.