Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Neo-logism: Google-gänger

One of my favorite contemporary poets, Joanna Straughn over at Zeitgeistboheme, recently made me aware of her coined neo-logism "google-gänger."

Joanna points out: "I'm still trying to promote my coined neo-logism "google-ganger" for those twins that show up when your name is googled. Some people will have oodles others few or none."

I will shortly be reviewing Joanna's brilliant book of poems, Instinct.

What do you all think? Who is your google-gänger?
graph per J. Straughn


Anonymous said...

too many google-gaengers out there. makes me wish i went by my middle name instead. or my nicknames, for that matter.

EvaDress said...

I, Xandra Reynolds am happy to report, I've a big FAT 0 and that goes for Yahoo gänger, auch!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

It's rather depressing when your google-gaenger is so much more accomplished than you.... :=) Why did my parents have to name me thus?

Anonymous said...

Ha. Good luck with a name like John Smith!