Monday, December 3, 2007

New Idea I Like: The Design-It-Yourself Shoe

The NY Times had a good piece today about shoes. Naturally, I stopped and paid attention.

The premise of the article was that if the customer cannot find the shoe s/he desires to buy, s/he can just get online and design the ideal pair. is one of the retailers that is successfully operating this way and analysts are predicting other companies will follow the trend.

Customization is now within reach when it comes to fashion footwear as well.

Isn't it good to be alive in the 21-st century?!


B.R. said...

I am looking forward to Ben Sherman doing the same at some point.

EvaDress said...

Funny-I thought about the shoe I customized from Target the day I read your review on this-so I posted it just now.
As for Ben Sherman, I will take that concept up with Fay on your behalf!

B.R. said...

Super. Many times I have uttered the following, 'I wish Ben made this in my size or in my favorite green....'