Saturday, December 8, 2007


R. W. Connell's Masculinities provides a reading of the feminine, the masculine, and their respective texts.

Apparently per Connell, 'there is no such thing as a single concept of masculinity, but, rather, that many different masculinities exist, each associated with different positions of power.'

I find some of it interesting and some repetitively passé. A readable text, overall. If you are looking for a good study on masculinities, consult the essays on Constructing Masculinities. Ed by Maurice Berger, Brian Wallis and Simon Watson.

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Unknown said...

familar with 'constructing masculinities' but not the other title. will get to it.

B.R. said...

I find Constructing Masc. generally ok. Sedgwick has a good piece in there. David Halperin would be a good one to read in conjunction with these texts.