Sunday, November 18, 2007

Music I'm Currently Enjoying: BritPop and The Kaiser Chiefs

I'm currently listening to the following BritPop bands and their respective 2007 albums.

1) The Klaxons and their "Myths of the Near Future."

2) The Arctic Monkeys' "Favourite Worst Nightmare."

3) Maximo Park's "Our Earthly Pleasures."

4) Dirty Pretty Things' "Waterloo to Anywhere."

However, my most played remains "Yours Truly Angry Mob" by the Kaiser Chiefs. The sound of this Leeds-based band is honest and informed.

And one of the best tracks of their new album is "Everything is Average Nowadays." It has good pace, appropriate bass, and equally impressive lyrics.

For similar sounds refer to the following bands:

Franz Ferdinand
Pull Tiger Tail
The Twang
The Rakes
Eastern Lane
The Futureheads
Bloc Party
The Departure
The Blueskins
The Needles
The Motorettes

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Anonymous said...

They started in 2003, right? I also like BritPop art. Their CD jackets tend to look artsier, no?
What about Travis? Wasn't listed in there.

Unknown said...

isn't Travis a bit more melodic and 'chill-like'? adding stuff to my playlists.

B.R. said...

I like Travis. I don't consider his sound similar to the Kaiser Chiefs et al. I tend to think of Kelly Jones or Stereophonic when I listen to Travis. And the CD jackets are aesthetically pleasing. Another reason to be into the genre, ja?

Anonymous said...

Surprised you didn't mention your beloved Oasis....
Did you know that Noel Gallagher mocked these guys, the Chiefs, for wearing makeup?

Unknown said...

noel gallagher.... didn't his brother used to say he was John Lennon's incarnate? or did he say that? either way, too peculiar. funny thing is, he was 9 when Lennon died.

Anonymous said...


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