Thursday, November 29, 2007

Female DJ's: A Blend of Cool Aesthetics and Musical Savoir Faire

Meet the new style gurus: female DJ's.

At least that's what Ruth La Ferla observes today on her article on the NY Times.

Here is a snippet from it.

'Yes, they are shaping their fans’ musical preferences. And to judge by the prevalence of high-waisted trousers, suspenders, cropped leather jackets, porkpie hats and fedoras on the dance floors, they are calling the tune in fashion as well.'

graphs and quoted text per ny times


Unknown said...

Excellent. There's language now for that particular style. Very urban and industrial chic.

Anonymous said...

how Soho-chic!

B.R. said...

One of the DJ's in the article actually pointed out that being a DJ in modernity is not that difficult and that to be noticed/considered as one, a certain sense of style has to be created. Form functional to content, anyone?

Erka said...

Hmm, I can almost see you doing that too for fun!

B.R. said...

The suspenders.... How do you 'read' them again? :)