Monday, October 29, 2007

Germany's Evelyn Hamann

I was sad to read on today that the German renowned actress, Evelyn Hamann, died of complications due to a serious condition. She was only 65.

In the 80's, Hamann was in the mega-popular TV German series, Schwarzwaldklinik. Her comedic and dramatic range is astounding and she will, indeed, be missed.

As the author put it, "Sie kehrt nun leider nicht mehr zurück" ie., "she is unfortunately not returning again."

A definite loss for German and European art.

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Anonymous said...

the 80's, the 80's.MTV and Schwarzwaldklink and what else? Does it matter, really? :=)

B.R. said...

I was such a fan of Schwarzwaldklinik! In hindsight, it's pretty impressive that a German-style ER-type-show would keep a kid so interested? And we all loved it, didn't we?