Wednesday, October 17, 2007

The Gathering by Anne Enright gets 2007 Man Booker Prize

Ireland's Anne Enright was awarded the Booker Prize for her fourth novel The Gathering.

The novel covers three generations of an Irish family and is set in Ireland and England. Its title refers to the funeral of Liam Hegarty, an alcoholic who committed suicide in the sea at Brighton. His mother and the nine surviving Hegarty children gather in Dublin for his wake. The novel's narrator is 39-year-old Veronica, the sibling that was closest to Liam. She looks through her family's troubled history to try and make sense of his death. She thinks that the reason for his alcoholism lies in something that happened to him in childhood when he stayed in his grandmother's house.
(as per en.Wiki)

Another favorite Booker prize author is South Africa's J. M. Coetzee who was awarded the prize first in 1983 for Life and Times of Michael K and later in 1999 for Disgrace.

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I enjoy J.M. Coetzee.