Thursday, September 13, 2007

Showtime's Californication

Showtime's new series "Californication" appears to be more interesting than it is, de facto. However, it is successfully imitative of the already much researched cinematic concept of the 'tortured writer.'

The story takes place, well, in Los Angeles, or rather that improbable land of tortured, but-oh-so-talented writers who don Diesel Jeans and form-fitting t-shirts and who still manage to look 'David Duchovny'-hot even though they consume exorbitant amounts of booze and grass.

But the improbability of the setting is not the reason why I think the show doesn't quite deliver. It simply seems to try too hard not to conform and yet it turns out to be nothing short of a replica of a good precursor.

But it's only 28 minutes and it could be worth watching when in-between chores, assignments, or whatever.

I have watched a couple of episode simply because I'm a junkie for quotes and this show, other than Duchovny's admirable hair styles and vintage t-shirts, comes with a healthy supply of sharp one-liners. And perhaps for that reason it could be watchable.

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Unknown said...

yeah, and where else, but in hollywood, do people live like duchovny's character and yet manage to look like duchovny....

B.R. said...