Saturday, September 8, 2007

iPod Touch

Apple's concocted a new toy: the iPod Touch. While it seems to be similar to the iPhone, it sports a feature that those of use who tend toward germophobia have a hard time embracing, i.e., it's touch-reactive. The following video shows how one operates it:

The one feature I do enjoy, however, is that if one buys music from iTunes, one can also add these titles to one's computer iTunes library. Currently, the iPodRip seems to be the only program, I'm aware of, that allows for the iPod music to get transfered into the computer iTunes library.

Plus, Apple and Starbucks are now working on providing free WiFi connection to the iTunes store. But this feature does not impress me that much, actually.

I don't think I will trade in my current iPod for its flashier brother any time soon. It is, however, nice-looking. And black.

as per Apple


Unknown said...

i liked it better in the past when apple would not tempt us so much with new products every couple months.

B.R. said...

They're not too tempting in my eyes so far, though. But I am sure than future and improved versions will be harder to resist.