Saturday, August 11, 2007


Woody Allen rocks my world for one reason and one reason alone: his self-effacing satire.
Gotta love it.

Allen, along with Larry David, are, in my own view, the universe's gifts to me. I like their humor, I enjoy it on every level.
After seeing "Annie Hall" 20 years after its original release, I became experientially acquainted with the humorous aspect of existentialism. And ever since I've sort of been on the 'Allen fan ship.'

The latest film of Allen's I'm now enjoying is "Scoop." Scarlett Johansson and Hugh Jackman are in it as well, but what really knocks my socks off is Woody Allen. He steals every shot he is in and his repartee with Johansson is astounding. She excels in that she knows how to let him shine and in that respect she delivers.

My favorite Woody Allen line from this project is:
"I was born into the Hebrew persuasion, but later converted to narcissism."
Isnt' that a line?!

In 2005, Germany's Spiegel magazine featured an article on Allen and in it, he gave his candid opinion regarding the notion of suffering and tragedy. I used that article a number of times at the time and the following English translation, not mine, captures the essence of the original piece quite nicely, I think.

Allen: "There is nothing really redeeming about tragedy. Tragedy is tragic, and it's so painful that people try to twist it and say "it's terribly hard, but look we've achieved something, we've learned something." This is a weak attempt to find some kind of meaning in tragedy. But there is no meaning. There is no up-side. And suffering does not redeem anything; there is no positive message to learn from it."

And I concur.


Unknown said...

I like his interviews better than his movies.

B.R. said...

What makes filmmakers think that the audiences go to the movies to 'escape' reality and get lost in la-la-Landia? Some of us like getting slapped 'real good.'