Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Myspace and Google.

I happened to read Daniel Tynan’s recent article on google today and I found myself agreeing with him almost entirely.
Recently I pulled my Myspace account because it simply was a nuisance to have and keep. Spending 5-12 minutes a day on it felt like a decadence I couldn’t afford.

I illustrate.

I think Myspace could be a good source of information. I certainly enjoyed getting the 411 on my favorite rock bands, their new releases, tour dates, etc. But I also enjoyed keeping in touch with family and friends who also subscribe to it. However, how many sites does one need really?
Between the work email page, google mail, research sites and word processing, Oy Weh!, it’s simply too much.

Plus, I noticed during the time that I was using Myspace that communication became too exhibition-laden. Leaving comments for people could be a fun, little thing but when they appear disingenuous and affected, well, that’s when I react the following way: “ewe, stupid!. what the heck does that mean?” There is no elegant or eloquent way to react to affectation and faux-ness.
At least I have not yet encountered it.

So, as Daniel Tynan suggests in his article “Living la Vida Google,” it’s really not necessary to leave the Google realm. Google’s even a legitimate lexeme in our vernacular and it’s easily used in all the content-based parts of speech. Some examples include, “I googled it” as a verb, “that’s what Google says” as a noun, and my favorite: “It’s googlingly true” as a smashing adverb. It’s my coinage, by the way, but I sure enjoy it.

Again, Google does not pay me to endorse it but as Tynan, I use Gmail for emails, get directions from Google Maps, I get news, weather info, and movie listings from it, I have YouTube and Blogger accounts (both are owned by Google),
and the list goes on and on.

I am not hot on monopolies, of course not, but if a company gets what living in the 21st century is all about and it expedites the working and writing processes of the speed-obsessed such as I, why migrate elsewhere and leave the comfort of my domicile with Google.

So, why don’t I have a Myspace account? Because I do not need to. All I want and need, I am getting from my google sites, minus the at-times-well-intended-affectations and simply too long emails one gets from supposed friends.
My people know where I am and I am not hurting for communication. Far from it.

Ah, yes, and I have yet to see Google closed for ‘maintenance.’ So, sorry, Myspace, you are simply not a match for google and I can only afford to be with the very best.

a previous user who is replacing you entirely with someone better qualified who is always available and only gives me what I want it to give me.

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aflo said...

I agree. Myspace IS a great source of information and it is a great way to keep in touch with family and friends. But if you have facebook, myspace, google, yahoo, university accounts etc. it CAN get to be too much. What I love about myspace is that it is a great tool to network with people as well as for businesses to put their image out in the market.