Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Dimitri's Review

My good friend, Dimitri, wrote the below-attached snippet as a reaction to one of my radio pieces, more specifically my gender theory-informed ‘reading’ of the idiosyncratic socio-cultural ramifications of the iPod.

"Matched only by Volkswagen in the 1960s, Apple seems to have harnessed a cultural wave. Your ode to the iPod (referred to by its legally protected multi-billion-dollar
trademark) bridges the opposing poles of post-materialist intellectual freedom and dispassionate corporate intemperance. This allegiance to a corporation as opposed to celebrating and deconstructing of the cultural phenomenon itself, would normally make
me a little uneasy. It's like if a Woodstock participant wrote about the technical merits of the VW bus, whose simple friendly appearance did produce a visceral anthropomorphized response resonating with the make-love-not-war euphoria of the time. That said, the product (iPod) does indeed ooze gratifying sensuality and, if it cannot be helped, it should not remain unsung by today's bards -- to the
delight of Apple's Marketing and tens of thousands shareholders."

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