Thursday, April 12, 2007

South Park and "This is Lesbos!"

Not an enthusiast of pocket promotions.
This is what I mean.
I believe that generally privileging one pocket of people, ideas, notions, books, et al, at the expence of others is not such a sound idea. Most humans seem to react to the concept of common liking or common disliking. The group-thing does little for me. Never really dug that whole let's-go-through-life-in-a-pack thing. The main reason for that fundamental aversion is conformity. While there are positive things that come out of conformity, there are yet other problems that are engendered as a result of it.
The movie "300."
Ok, Gerard Butler's abs are hot. Heck, for that matter, dude's entirely hot. But the premise of the film is basically the following: let's fight THE 'others', those heathens who don't think the way we do and who don't look the way we do. Yeah, let's just annihilate those who won't conform with our idea of civilization. Hmm.
I know it was but a matter of time till the South Park chicos would do a satire on it. Sure enough, my insinct was right. Last night's episode equated the Spartans in "300" with the Boulder-ian lesbians. Butler saying 'This is Sparta!' in his oh-so-husky voice is paralleled by the anatomically-born-male-now-turned-lesbian, no-haired Boulder teacher who instead says indignantly: "This is Lesbos!"
Spartans and Lesbians are in the same category. Ha!!
Who knew?!
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Unknown said...

I guess Matt and Trey are a little bicurios too. Just like Butters. This whole season is about gender. I'm sure you've picked up pn that, theory donna!

B.R. said...

They don't seem to be the only ones. I have gotten into Bravo's aesthetically oriented shows now and gendered things are indeed ubiquitous.